Technology Integration Survey
1. Name:
2. Please rate your own technology skills according to the scale. Please select one for each question.
Learner: I am not sure how to do this task.Basic: I have done this before, but might need some help.Proficient: I can perform this task without any assistance.Advanced: I could train staff to do this.
Create and manage my own teacher web page.
Use the S and P Drive
Managing files and folders in your Documents folder
Use our Gildersleeve Sharepoint- upload/download files to a folder
Use the Hand In/Hand Out folders
Connect to and use the Smartboard
Create a lesson Smart Notebook
Add Students to Smart Response
Use Smart Response
Use the Smart Document Camera
Use the Flip Cameras and download videos to your laptop
Use a digital camera and download pictures to your laptop
Use Microsoft Outlook for tasks besides checking email- invite feature of the calendar
Basic use of Microsoft Excel
Use Microsoft Excel to analyze data
Use a Classroom Management System either as a student or teacher- ex. Blackboard, Edmodo, Gaggle
Use SIS to take attendance, record grades, and create reports
3. Comments about question 2:
4. How often do you integrate these technologies into your instruction ? Please select one for each question.
Never: Never use itSeldom: At least once per yearOccasionally: At least once a marking periodFrequently: At least once per month
Have students use the computer lab.
Present lessons using an LCD projector
Use the Smartboard to instruct
Use Smart Response with your students
Have students use the Internet as part of their lesson
Use a classroom webpage that you created for your students
Have students create graphic organizers in Inspiration
Have students create presentations using online tools such as Prezi, Animoto, Empressr or Voki
Have students create digital stories using Windows Movie Maker or Photostory
Have students type papers using Word
Have students take assessments online
Have students use Excel to analyze or graph data
Have students use content specific software or hardware- Ex. SPARKS, Stratalogica, Online Textbook Resources
5. Please evaluate each of the following statements. Please select one for each question.
Basic: Not comfortableProficient: Some comfortAdvanced: Very comfortable
I can easily access the available technology in the school when I need it.
I feel confident in my ability to integrate multiple technologies into my instruction.
I am comfortable with integrating technology into my curriculum.
I have a good variety of ideas and lessons for integrating technology into my teaching.
I am aware of the resources available by the district that can help me learn how to integrate technology.
I am confident in the technology skills used to support the students when they use technology for a project.
I am familiar with what technology is available to my students and me in our building.
I am familiar with the copyright laws that govern the acceptable use of technology (including using material from the Internet)
6. What is the number one factor that prevents you from integrating more technology into your lessons?
7. Concerning the use or integration of technology, what is the one area in which you would most like to receive training or professional development?

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